Have Machine Learning and AI Applications attained the peak? by Mitul Shah on May 11, 2020 644 views

Is there anything that can beat the Human Instinct / Intelligence? If this question was asked a few years ago, the answer would have been, ”Definitely No”, but in recent times the answer has become “Debatable”. As Machine Learning and AI has arrived in the market and so swiftly they have made a certain space into the mighty IT industry, a question has been arising that is there any field where ML / AI cannot be applied? It seems only ‘Time’ can answer this.

First of all, let’s get a clear picture about the meanings of AI and ML and the difference between them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) : AI comprises two words i.e Artificial which means non-natural or Human made and Intelligence which means ability to think or understand based on knowledge. In simple words, it is basically providing the brain to the computer or the ability of a machine to think and learn. AI helps in decision making in complex scenarios.

Machine Learning (ML) : Machine learning on the other side is a subset of AI that focuses on analyzing and interpreting patterns using the system data. It uses different algorithms and once the machine has learnt the data, the knowledge can be further utilized for prediction or pattern recognition. So, it is the area of computational science that improves automatically through experience.

In this blog I will try to explore some of the large pool of applications offered by ML and AI into different fields such as Healthcare, Community applications, Food and Quality dept., Financial corporations, Customer Services, Education and Product recommendations. Will dive into some of the methodologies such as Algorithms generation, Image recognition, Natural Language processing, Statistical analysis, Probabilistic modelling, Visualization and Deep Learning. The major languages which help the cause are Python, R and MatLab while there are some tools which are being used for the implementation are R-Studio, Anaconda Navigator. 

The implementation of the applications are:

Healthcare: In healthcare we can implement Machine learning algorithms to understand and predict the patient’s condition and help in resource allocation. Also we can increase the NLP applications to identify the important keywords within patient-doctor or nurse-doctor conversations.

Community application: In community application we can implement probabilistic modelling and predictive analysis to understand the criticality of the disease spread, various factors affecting the community conditions, identifying the critical women who are pregnant and so on. 

Food and Quality Dept. : We can implement the image processing and Machine learning in this field to identify any defects in the raw materials supplied to the restaurants. Also implementation of the recommendation system is done for the field.

Financial Corporations : Majorly Machine learning, probabilistic modelling and some of the AI techniques are used to understand the current flow of the markets along with the historical records. We can help the client with financial and Investment related decision making using these techniques.  

We are still trying to scratch more surface and dig deeper into the latest advancement into ML and AI world like Tensor-flow and keras for algorithms. I would say there are still so many fields in which ML and AI can intervene and provide help reducing manual efforts. The applications of ML and AI are as limited as Human’s imagination, which is Unlimited!

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Mitul, Senior Data Analyst and Statistician, gets his fuel from the data and considers his favourite part of the work is to convert that data into meaningful Information. Exploring areas and technological advancements related to Machine Learning and AI has helped him getting in the Awe of this field. He has kept many subjects such as Statistical Analysis, Deep learning, Visualisation, Image processing, Natual Language Processing and few others under his sleeve. While he constantly thrives to dig further, he is a foodie, travel lover, talkative and always friendly natured person who believes that only an idea or a smile is sufficient to change the world.